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You are going to love these place value worksheets and you’ll find plenty of them here. They combine coloring and place value in a really fun way.  If you like them, our book contains all of our place value, counting, and rounding pages in one awesome book:

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Use your colors to reveal the pixel art puzzle by coloring each square based on the key at the bottom of the page.  Identify numbers in the ones, tens, and hundreds place to determine the color for each square.

Well, what are you waiting for? Find a picture, find your crayons, print a page, and have fun.

Free Place Value Worksheets

Place Value Worksheets MousePlace Value Worksheets Friendly Lion

Place Value Worksheets T-RexPlace Value Worksheets Work Truck

Place Value Worksheets ChimpanzeePlace Value Worksheets Handheld

Place Value Worksheets CardinalPlace Value Worksheets Koala Bear

Place Value Worksheets House

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