Math Concepts

Check out these 5th Grade math concept coloring pages. Concepts practiced include rounding decimals, exponents, adding unlike fractions, comparing decimals, fractions of a whole number, division with whole numbers and more. Click on the image to pull up the worksheet and key page. Click on the worksheet and print the PDF. Enjoy!

Rounding Decimals

Rounding Decimals- Alligator 5 Grade Math Computations Rounding Decimals- Robots 5th Grade Math Facts

Rounding Decimals- Sword 5 Grade Math Computations


Exponents- Firetruck 5th Grade Math FactsExponents- Cave 5 Grade Math Computations

Exponents- Football Player 5th Grade Math Facts

Adding Unlike Fractions

Adding Unlike Fractions- Apple 5 Grade Math Computations Adding Unlike Fractions- Frog 5th Grade Math Facts

Adding Unlike Fractions- Woman 5 Grade Math Computations

Comparing Decimals

Comparing Decimals- Killer Whale 5th Grade Math FactsComparing Decimals- Maze 5 Grade Math Computations

Comparing Decimals- Sailboat 5th Grade Math Facts

Fraction Multiplication

Fraction Multiplication- Cat 5 Grade Math Computations Fraction Multiplication- Pinwheel 5th Grade Math Facts

Fraction Multiplication- Pinwheel 5 Grade Math Computations

Fraction of a Whole Number

Fractions of Whole Number- Green Monster 5th Grade Math FactsFractions of Whole Number- Ladybug 5 Grade Math Computations

Fractions of Whole Number- Young Man 5th Grade Math Facts

Division with Whole Numbers

Division with Whole Numbers- Headphones 5 Grade Math Computations Division with Whole Numbers- Pug 5th Grade Math Facts

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