Addition and Subtraction Beans

Have some fun with Coloring Squared: Super Beans. These are the bean stars coloring pages practicing basic addition and subtraction facts. Use addition and subtraction skills to color the pages and fill in cool pixel pictures. Enjoy!

Coloring Squared Super Beans: Addition and Subtraction

Coloring Squared Super Beans: Addition and Subtraction $9.95

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Super Bean Stars

Capbean Picard- Addition PracticeGod of Beans- Subtraction Practice

Princess Bean- Subtraction PracticeBean Fighter- Subtraction Practice

Pokebean- Subtraction PracticeRed Plumber Bean- Subtraction Practice

Plumber Bean- Basic Addition Math Fact Coloring PageBeank- Basic Addition coloring page

Beancraft Steve- Basic Addition coloring pageMaster Bean- Basic Addition coloring page

Beantroid- Basic Addition coloring pageSolid Bean- Basic Addition coloring page

Beanatello- Basic Addition Coloring PageOptibean Prime- Basic Additioncoloring page

Bumblebean- Basic Addition coloring pageSound Bean- Basic Addition coloring page

Anna Bean- Advanced Subtraction coloring pageIce Bean- Advanced Subtraction Super Beans

Bean Who- Advanced SubtractionExtermibean- Advanced Subtraction coloring page

Pirate Jack Beans- Advanced Subtraction coloring pageIndiana Beans- Advanced Subtraction coloring page

Mr. B- Advanced Subtraction coloring pageMr. Underbean Advanced Subtraction coloring page

Sean Bean Bean- Advanced Subtraction coloring pageRobobean- Advanced Subtraction coloring page

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We hope kids enjoyed these free math fact coloring pages. We have parodies of your favorite cartoon, movie, and television characters such as; Frozen’s Anna and Elsa, Donatello, Bumblebee, Optimus Prime, Soundwave, Link, Master Chief, Minecraft Steve, Luigi, Samus, Solid Snake, Dr. Who, Dalek, Captain Jack Sparrow, Indiana Jones, Mr. T, Frodo Baggins, Robocop, and Boromir.

We hope kids enjoyed these free math fact coloring pages.  Try out our Free Math Coloring Pages and our Comics, Cartoons, and Video Games. More free activities for kids will be coming soon.

Coloring Squared: Pixel Art and Math for Kids