Coloring Squared: Third Grade

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(40 puzzles, 67 pages, shipped product)

“I love these because it’s not only an artistic way to practice math in class, but my students love these as well because it’s fun for them to discover the hidden pictures!”

Practice math concepts and math facts while you color with Coloring Squared: Third Grade.  Determine the answer to the math problems in each square, use a key at the bottom of each page, and color the squares using the key.  It’s just that easy! 

Based on years of development in the classroom, Coloring Squared: Third Grade features 40 puzzles with staggered difficulty levels.  Learn math facts, place value, regrouping, fractions, equations and more with this fun book. Aligned to the Common Core Math Standards, Coloring Squared is perfect for teachers looking for supplementary material, or for parents and kids looking for a coloring book with a little something extra.