Megapixel Paintings and Scenes

Here’s a new section of megapixel coloring pages. We’ve added famous painting, photographs, and other images as well as more scenic images.

Hover over an image to see what the PDF looks like.  Then you can click on any one of the images to pull up the worksheet page. You can then print the PDF.

Megapixel Painting Pages

A Sunday Afternoon Painting Coloring Page Pixel color by numberWhistler's Mother Coloring Page Pixel color by number

Nighthawks Coloring Page Pixel color by numberSelf-Portrait with a Monkey Coloring Page Pixel color by number

The False Mirror Coloring Page Pixel color by numberGreat Wave off Kanagawa Coloring Page Pixel color by number

Dogs Playing Poker Coloring Page Pixel color by numberCafe Terrace Coloring Page Pixel color by number

The Flower Carrier Coloring Page Pixel color by numberSchool of Athens Coloring Page Pixel color by number

The Last Supper Coloring Page Pixel color by numberGirl with a Pearl Earring- Adult Coloring Books

American Gothic- relaxation and stress reliefSon of Man- Megapixel Coloring Books

Lunch Atop a Skyscraper- relaxation and stress reliefStarry Night- Adult Coloring Books

Mona Lisa- relaxation and stress relief

The Persistence of Memory- relaxation and stress reliefThe Scream- relaxation and stress relief

Megapixel Landmarks

Big Ben- relaxation and stress reliefGolden Gate Bridge- Adult Coloring Books

Forbidden City Coloring Page MegapixelsEiffel Tower Coloring Page Megapixels

Taj Mahal Coloring Page MegapixelsForbidden City Coloring Page Megapixels

Great Wall of China Coloring Page MegapixelsStonehenge Coloring Page Megapixels

Forbidden City Coloring Page MegapixelsMt. Rushmore Coloring Page Megapixels

Megapixel Scenes

Stream- relaxation and stress reliefHills and Mountains- relaxation and stress relief

Sunflowers Coloring Page MegapixelsVolcano Coloring Page Megapixels

Sunset Coloring Page MegapixelsCottage and Field Coloring Page Megapixels

Cherry Blossom Coloring Page MegapixelsWaterfall Coloring Page Megapixels

Lighthouse Beach Coloring Page MegapixelsDesert Coloring Page Megapixels

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